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What happens when you take the classic 4-strands and double it? You got a totally NEW fresh design for your next Challah for Shabbat! With the same recipe that everybody loves so much: 1 Kilo AP flour (NO BREAD, NO HIGH GLUTEN) 14g Dry active yeast 100g Sugar 20g Salt 100g Olive Oil 450g Water No eggs! This time not even for topping.
9 Strands for 9 candles! Are you ready for your this next-level-challah?! Take a deep breath, watch it again and again and go to braid. This Challah requires 4 steps that repeat themselves. After you have arranged 5 strands from the right and 4 strands from the left, here is the mantra you should follow: 1. The first right strand over two under two 2. The first left strand under two over two 3. The first right strand under two over two 4. The first left strand over two under two
an avocado, banana, and oatmeal in a glass container
a cup filled with chocolate frosting sitting on top of a table
Čokoládová zmrzlina z pudinku a tvarohu
two waffles sitting on top of each other with the words uzasana domaci
Úžasná domácí zmrzlina pouze ze 2 surovin
a person is holding up a pink and white ice cream in a plastic container on the floor
Domácí ovocná zmrzlina
two pictures with the words don't doubarena and white frosting
Domácí dvoubarevná zmrzlina BEZ vajec a vaření: Stačí vyšlehat a máte hotovo – je výborná i jako krém!
two pictures showing different types of waffles on a plate with the words prava ruka domaci, zmrizna recept
Pravá ruská domácí zmrzlina recept - Magnilo
Pravá ruská domácí zmrzlina recept
powdered sugar covered pastries on a white plate
7-Minuten-apfel-pancakes: Die perfekten pfannkuchen ohne wartezeit
Homemade Snickers Bars
Homemade Snickers Bars
Teach you how to make football steamed buns#creativepasta
If you want to get black dough, just add appropriate amount of bamboo charcoal powder to the flour
🌽 🌽 🌽
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DIY Dough Ornaments