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Ah, just think of the havoc a Marine Biologist, who specializes in Sharks, could cause...

I disagree with the "none of it is strange" under the sex thing. PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE SCREWING ANIMALS --- humans are animals though. And I disagree with the shark part. Humans being collectively terrified of sharks is stupid.

"Ax hung his head. <Prince Jake, we studied the Sario Rip effect in school. But there was a game later that day. And I was thinking more about the game than class. Also, there was this female who distracted me.>"

Funny idea, and also a good point about oversimplification of fictional cultures<<<also brings up the question: what if the aliens are confused by these questions?

In other words, please Hades at all costs.

I find this interesting, and also funny how people are saying their answers as if the Greek gods are real and this will be on a test on the way to the underworld