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I am proud to be in that 1%!!!!!!!!

I love reading and haven't even finished Harry Potter or read Twilight. My friends try to get me to read Harry Potter, and my mom tries to get me to read Twilight eventually but. Harry Potter I'll read soon.


Percy Jackson is BAE!<<< I dunno what that means but it's an awesome series<<< dude it's one of the best series EVER I'm totally obsessed and my family thinks in weird but I love it<<<<<<<<<lol same <<<<<<<<<<<I ❤ PJO they r my life


I SEE ORANGE BA BAM<<<demigods can only see this, but another text says, actually mortals see it as orange but demigods see it as yellow. I mean, it's yellow. Not orange. You're a mortal. OH YEAH!<< Its Camp Half Blood Orange!

Yeah I'm a demigod so I can post this. Can you? Wait did I just tell all the monsters out there I'm a demigod? Hades!!

I am not a mortal. Nor a demigod. Nor a wizard. I am ALL OF THE ABOVE repost if you go to school at hogwarts, go to camp at CHB, and the hunger games are the only games you play!

Couldn't resist XD

DO IT FOR PERCY! (Even tho I've never read the pjo series. I just hate jb)<<< 😱 Please read the books 📚!

Repin if you are on this fandom

Never overlook what appears to be a mortal object, it just might turn out to be a powerful, monster-slaying weapon ;) <<<< or just a blue plastic hair brush capable of hitting a Titan in the eye