Andrea Lauren

Always a great feeling to finish carving the blocks to a series of designs! Looking forward to printing a small edition of this crow in black and gold on mulberry paper along with the others in the set! Love to ink


I started my new project called "ARTIST STAMP" I contact artists to ask permission to carve their art into rubber stamps. After carving .

All the patterns on the post card were stamped. I really love this kind of way to put the colors on!

Something to aspire to: how to make rubber stamps even prettier with additional colors.

.hand carved rubber stamp

Another leaf stamp I carved, using some PS bush as a pattern. I succeded not to undercarve it, so it came out quite fine :)

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Andrea Lauren : Russian Doll She hand draws the illustrations then hand-carves them on natural wood which are then block printed to design silkscreen art print in water-based block printing inks.

rubber stamp

For whenever I decide to make rubber stamps finally: Make frames!

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hand carved flower/plant stamps - minna may design + illustration