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Czech food. Cause i miss it

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It has been over six years since I left my homeland and as all of you that have done similar thing agree, the food!!!!! i miss the food! the dumplings, goulash, bramboraky and the bread and rohliky... I have been cooking Czech food for a while and here I will gather all the good recipes.

KURE NA PAPRICE: Chicken Paprikash Of course this one has to be here. Ignore the picture. The recipe is perfect and it is very quick

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Czech bread: 2 cups of water, 2 tsp of salt, 1tsp caraway, 3 cups of all purpose flour,1/2 tsp dry yeast, 1tsp vinegar, 1 cup of dark rye flour. Mix all together and make a dough. Let rise for 12-16 hours. After that sprinkle some flour over it and fold over the dough few times. Let rise for another hour. Warm oven at 445 F and place dough (in a bowl) in for 30 min covered. The take the cover off and bake for another 30 min to make the crust. (the time may vary based on the oven)

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Fotografie receptu: Šunkofleky

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Bramborové knedlíky plněné uzeným masem

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Bramboraky--potato pancakes. Super delicious, and Nate can read the Czech.

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Svíčková na smetaně

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Recept na českou a zdravou klasiku.

Linzer Cookies (Linzerkekse)

The famous Austrian Linzer Cookies (Linzerkekse) with step by step photos. These cookies are delicious!

1.krok: Do velkého či vysokého kastrólu nalijeme studenou vodu, tolik, kolik chceme polévky a jak silnou, většinou 2 litry. Do studené vody vhodíme ...

Houbová polévka s bramborem recept - fotografie -