Crochet flower pattern - free

link broken :( - but the flower is cool! - Free Crocodile Stitch Flower Pattern from Bonita patterns - these would look great for holiday table settings.

Crochet Folded Petal Flower Popcorn Stitches Center Tutorial 57 Part 1 of 2

Designs, ideas, how to's and just great pictures. Crochet Folded Petal Flower Popcorn Stitches Center Tutorials 57 Part 2 of 2


❧Pretty Flowers, Crochet designs, diagrams, how to's and ideas There are so many ways to use this beautiful flower. Charts are included at this link.

Начинаем вязать крючком Урок 54 Очаровательный цветок с завернутыми лепестками

This is a very good tutorial that makes some very involved techniques quite clear. How to Crochet Spiral Flower 10 Petals Tutorial 54 Picot Trim.

Как вязать крючком листик Урок 22 Часть 1 Волшебный листочек - YouTube

Learn how to crochet this beautiful leaf working stitches in back loops. In part 1 crochet tutorial 22 we will complete a half of the leaf where we will be making rows of double crochet stitches and rows with chain spaces.