Hi! This is my Momiji LIVE BOLDLY Board. My name is Duygu Şahin Turan. I am working as a teacher in Turkey, Istanbul and yes having a serious job as I have, doesn't make you the grumpiest person in the world :) I am a huge fan of MOMIJI DOLLS! "My girls" have a really important job to make my happy-busy life better.
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These are my girls lying down to make "live" word rock! Their actual motto is spreading the love to everywhere :)

I am a fan of scrubble, literally! That's why I personally made a scrubble game. The name at the top "Tayfun" is belonged to my husband :) Of course, playing scrubble with him is a unique pleasure for me.

She was a primadonna on 50's! Her impressive laughter is a real inspiration for LIVING BOLDLY to me. As I have a momiji collection, I also have a pretty big collection of Marilyn Monroe products.

She says, "If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything."

There is nothing that can make you LIVE BOLDLY more than "Love" does if it is to the right person. The photo on the left is me and my "right" guy :) and the photo on the right is a collage work which brother did for us.

Each one of the Momijies have a different role in my life. Despite their little size, they are georgeous. There would be no answer from me if somebody asked which one is my favourite because each one have their own way to represent a moment in my day.

A girl's hardest question is "what to wear today?" and sometimes a momiji can be an inspiration to us girls :) I was having some trouble with my nail polish and on that day, Marina made the final decision :)

This is our #selfie with my primary school students :) You need to enjoy when you learn things. If you are making it right, you can smile like we do.

This photo has taken in Istanbul, Bhosphorus. "Coming to Istanbul" must be at the top ten list to be made in your life. Sometimes a happy little photo can remind you the value of the moments that you share with your friends.

This is me and my girls :) Let's take a look at my day with Momijies. -9 am: Tea with "Sister". -12 pm: A lesson at school with "Bibi Button". (I am a teacher btw) -4 pm: Reading book with "Daniella". -9 pm: Resting with "Thank You". They are in all the moments of a day.

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