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Hi! This is my Momiji LIVE BOLDLY Board. My name is Duygu Şahin Turan. I am working as a teacher in Turkey, Istanbul and yes having a serious job as I have, doesn't make you the grumpiest person in the world :) I am a huge fan of MOMIJI DOLLS! "My girls" have a really important job to make my happy-busy life better.

This is me and my girls :) Let's take a look at my day with Momijies. -9 am: Tea with "Sister". -12 pm: A lesson at school with "Bibi Button". (I am a teacher btw) -4 pm: Reading book with "Daniella". -9 pm: Resting with "Thank You". They are in all the moments of a day.

If we were Momijies, we would be like this :)

This is a game which is name 2048. The actual goal is reaching to 2048 by sliding the numbers to each other but it was not enough for me just to reach 2048 when I can make my way to 131072 :) This is the real final for this game. I made it !

This is a poster of a film named "Upside Down". When I watch this, I remembered again that love is the most beautifull way to show your courage.

These delicious candies are some little gifts from "Thank You". This was my LIVE BOLDLY board. Thank You for exploring it :)

This is the best place on my house :) We are a growing Momiji family and we will spread love day after day.

Cooking and decorating are my hobbies. Sometimes a little detail makes that moment important. I made this basic but cute looking sphagetti for my husband:)