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an old machine that is sitting on the ground in front of some snow covered ground
a man laying on the ground next to a large pipe and some tools in the grass
a black and white logo with some tools on it
a woman standing in a garage holding a toolbox and wrench with one hand on her hip
Greta de Parry Design
a woman in overalls and glasses holding a power drill with her arms crossed while standing next to a workbench
Lady of the lath: An artist’s path into the woods
a woman working on a piece of metal with a machine in her hand and protective gear around her neck
Emily from Handmade America
a woman wearing a welding mask working on a piece of equipment
Weld Like A Girl: A Millennial Woman’s Success In A Man’s World
black and white photograph of a woman sitting on the ground
damnoverload Shop | Redbubble