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a person is holding a silver pendant with amethorate and purple stones on it
Tusk & Claw 在 Instagram 上发布:“I'll be honest, I need to get a wire order in and i'm broke so this is down to £200. Bit of a steal really but I need the cash. Message for…”
Wire wrapped tree of Life pendant
a pendant is hanging from a tree branch with a blue stone in the center and wire wrapped around it
哈哈 多可爱~ - 堆糖,美图壁纸兴趣社区
two blue flowers are attached to some brown cord and silver beads on a black background
Unique and beautiful earrings - Earring 100
Chainmaille Christmas Tree Ornament by SaltCityChains on Etsy by alissa:
Chainmaille Christmas Tree Ornament by SaltCityChains on Etsy by alissa:
several different types of silver chains
Amazon.com: Beading & Jewelry Making - Beading & Jewelry Making: Arts, Crafts & Sewing
handmade silver chains - these are fab-u-lous!! Picture only.
a close up of a chain on a table
Tutorial: Making Wire Work Chain
Kia Dallons Studio: Tutorial: Making Wire Work Chain. I've made a nice var. w/ 20g @ 1 1/2" pieces.
five pieces of gold colored metal sitting on top of a stone surface with one piece missing
four pieces of copper wire sitting next to each other
Start A Fire
Sharilyn Miller: FREE Tutorial: Spring Links
the video shows how to make an intricate chain bracelet with wire and metal clasps
Viking knit Tutorial
Viking knit Tutorial - YouTube
there are many different colored keys on the table
Niedliche kleine Schlüsselanhänger herstellen | Frag Mutti
Niedliche kleine Schlüsselanhänger herstellen
the instructions for making beaded necklaces
Bead heart tutorial ~ what am I missing. It seems the pattern ends with just the top layer stitched. it appears you stitch 2 layers, and then connect them with a bicone.... lets see... :D