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100% Cotton, 42-44" wide 1 yard cuts
Image © Peggy Davis About the Artist Painting and creating have been an important part of Peggy Davis’ life since very early in her childhood. Born and raised just outside of Chicago, it was not uncommon to find Peggy painting or sketching throughout her childhood. In her teen years her creative interests continued to grow and she took Art classes for all 4 years of high school. After becoming a mother of 6 children, 3 of whom she and her husband adopted, raising her children took center stage f


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a black cat holding a wine glass with the word cheers written on it and smiling
an abstract pattern with wavy lines
Abstract colorful seamless pattern with lines
an image of a flower pattern on a wallpaper with many different colors and sizes
an illustration of birds and flowers on a white background with blue, red, green, yellow
hedgehogs & foxes vs geese & rabbits . . .
a black and white flower pattern with many small flowers on the bottom half of it
black and white floral wallpaper with large flowers on the left side, in an ornate pattern
Motif image stock. Image du blanc, feuilles, motif, floral - 15837633
an abstract pattern with swirls and dots in blue, pink, purple and green colors
Black Pattern
black and white floral wallpaper pattern
a black and white floral background