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a cookie shaped like a face with candles in it's mouth and houses on the other side
Varázspor: 2013.11.01. - 2013.12.01.
a cookie shaped like a christmas wreath with gingerbread houses and trees around it on a blue background
Adventní velký , vánoce, perníky | perniky.artmama.cz | Christmas gingerbread, Christmas biscuits, Gingerbread candle
Adventní velký:
a small christmas tree made out of cookies
Svícen - strom, Vianočné medovníky| Medovniky.Artmama.sk
Svícen - strom. A beautiful Orthodox church and Christmas tree vignette out of gingerbread and royal icing from Slovakia. A candle base unites the composition.
there are many decorated gingerbread houses on the table with white frosting and brown icing
a cake decorated with white frosting and gingerbread houses on it's side
Adventný svietnik so zasneženou dedinkou, Vianočné medovníky| Medovniky.Artmama.sk
Vianočná súťaž - Adventní, Inšpirujte sa pri zdobení šikovnými medovnikárkami.