Снежинка из шести квадратиков бумаги, каждый размером 9х9 см

Fold and cut paper snowflake

how to cut snowman snowflakes with kids

How to Cut Snowman Snowflakes (2 ways!)

how to cut snowman snowflakes 2 ways pink stripey socks

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Balletttänzer im Schnee

crow bulletin board idea for kids

penguin punch art So what did I do to the first one I punched? I chopped his "ears" off (they are not really ears if you are wondering, they are just feathers!) I switched his claws for webbed feet, re-curved the top of his tummy & then gave him some wings/front flippers. I liked this little fellow so much that I made a whole family

penguin punch art--These little penguins are so cute. Would be a good idea for a winter bulletin board or attendance for class.

The holidays are the perfect time to do some hands-on crafting with your kids. Find our simple instructions to make Christmas yarn art for a fun afternoon!

Christmas Yarn Art Kid's Craft

Christmas Yarn Art Kid’s Craft (Lia Griffith)

Cute Winter crafts

Ice Skating craft Playing House: Christmas & Winter Crafts for Kids

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Animal paper craft for kıds Color paper craft activities Creative paper crafts for kids Paper crafts for children Easy paper crafts for kids at home Fun crafts


Frosty ( no pattern) you have to use your own ideas on how to make this.

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12274763_763828597080282_428337637322145366_n.jpg (720×541)

okno do zimy - zapouštění do tapetového lepidla

Výsledek obrázku pro zimní městečko ve výtvarce

leden 2016

leden 2016

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Albero invernale con domopak.

Art project for kids: tearing foil tree.

Nakonec jsme napsali na koruny počáteční písmena všech tří králů.

Nakonec jsme napsali na koruny počáteční písmena všech tří králů.