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Dušan Slovák
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Cannibal Meat Cheese Tray - Large oval platter covered with a bed of lettuce, lay out a (washed) plastic skeleton, bend his knees to fit all on the platter, fill his rib cage with meat (hard salami) and arrange the cheese slices around him.

This is seriously creepy. I think I'll go throw out all my apples now....

From episode of The Rob Black Show LIVE M-F I want to address the notion that Islamic terrorism is limited to a few “bad apples” and doesn’t represent the Muslim faith. Bill Maher and…

Put real spiderwebs on paper... great way to preserve on paper to observe.

Put real spiderwebs on paper. preserve a spiderweb on paper to explore/look at. or put the black paper behind it so it can be seen in detail and then take a picture so you don't have to destroy the spider's web.