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a group of skulls with different designs on their faces and the word s is written in black
Slipknot Skulls by hatefueled on DeviantArt
Slipknotskulls..Epic!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
two men in masks are holding guitars and posing for the camera
mick thomson and jim root
a man standing on top of drums in front of a stage with lights behind him
Slipknot - Chris Fehn
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12 Fabulous Rock Stars in Drag
Corey Taylor
a man wearing a mask is hugging another man
Corey Taylor and Paul Gray, Slipknot. R.I.P Paul This should be a reminder of what Slipknot stood for, Too ALL living members.
a shelf filled with lots of masks on top of it
Corey Taylor, Slipknot. Corrupt Book, Slipknot Lyrics, Band Photoshoot, Band Quotes, Slip Knot
Corey Taylor, Slipknot.
a cartoon drawing of a man holding a balloon and saying i'm sorry gorey goodbye no paul don't leave us
This is awesome whoever drew this! We love you and miss you Paul! Slipknot will never be the same!
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a man wearing a gas mask and red shirt with a quote written on the side
a man holding his hand up to his mouth with the words stone sour on it
my soul keeps changing like the weather- the only constant is rain.
a man standing in front of a curtain with a quote on it that says, i'd be a wreck without music
I decided that I would add this image to use as one of my short cover page stories. This will attract readers to my magazine and fans of slipknot.