Mechs & Androids

An aspect of sci-fi not limited to Cyberpunk, but still relevant to our research for the game Dex. As implants and augmentations can make people look more robotic than actual androids, the line between human and artificial becomes blurred.
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nekoshige: “ 「Stand Alone Complex」/「Tatsumi」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail ”

Cyberpunk themed maker projects and inspiration. I would love to see a Cyberpunk maker movement, like Steampunk, but totally functional.

Obsolete Business Robots by Manipula

vintage robot head (via AdWeek CGI rendering by ad agency Publicis for client Boa Vista on Obsolete business robots)

InfantryMech - by Fausto de Martini

Nuthin' But Mech vol. II

We have some incredible science fiction themed creations by Fausto De Martini, a freelance concept artist working in the video game and movie industry.