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RUSSIAN TWIST ON BOSU - It involves the rectus abdominis, which is contracted and hold the torso lifted up, and the oblique muscles that work during the twist.

Kettlebell Swings effect the above muscle groups

Top 10 Leaky Gut Supplements This is essentially the step-by-step process that I have used with my patients, and many have had tremendous success! With these 10 leaky gut supplements


PUSH UP - The exercise is fit for the definition of the chest, since there aren’t loads the exercise doesn’t create volume. It is great to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders and of the triceps.

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Whether you want to call them, v-cut abs, v shaped abs or sex lines, girls go crazy over them. It& that lower ab region that is eye catching that most guys struggle to get.


DUMBBELL PRESS ON STABILITY BALL - The exercise is fit for developing the muscle mass, with heavy loads- trained athletes – for strengthening and toning the chest when there are back problems.