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a painting of a palm tree with green leaves
Coastal Series | “Land + Sea”
"Land + Sea" is a mini coastal series that will be released on Thursday, April 29th at 9pm (EST). Read more about this upcoming collection here!
an old blue boat sitting on the side of a building next to the ocean with boats in the background
a painting of a brown dog standing in front of a white wall
a watercolor painting of a seagull with sunglasses on it's head
a wreath made out of old clothes pegs and colorful fabric ties on a white wooden background
painted driftwood wreath | bright colors
a painting of a person laying on a towel in the water with a hat on their head
Daily Paintworks - Original Fine Art © Karin Jurick
five fish in a metal container with a hook
Housing is very limited in National Parks- so we live very close together in tight quarters at times, such as shared dormitory rooms. The good side is that rent is super cheap so you can save money here if you try :)
a painting of a woman laying on top of a surfboard in the ocean water
Daily Paintworks - Original Fine Art © Carol Carmichael
"floating around" original fine art by Carol Carmichael
an oil painting of a beach scene with palm trees and the ocean in the background
Brenda Cablayan Artworks Gallery
Brenda Cablayan Artworks Gallery