Why didn't I think of this? Genius way to teach your kid to tell time

Teach time with a Time Teller - Lift and Peek paper plate clock for visual learners.

Have 5 minutes of time to fill and need a super quick and easy craft...? Why not make some Toilet Paper Roll watches with the kids.. then set the time to bedtime, dinner time or play time! A great way to start learning and exploring time (add a pin and maybe add movable hour hands?)  Great for toddlers and preschoolers alike!

Great stART: Piep Piep Piep or making watches with toddlers

Relojes reutilizando cartuchos de papel higiénico Make a game out of this. "Put on the watch that says ___. Wear it for ____. Next put on the watch that says___." Easy Toddler Crafts using Toilet Paper Rolls


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