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Table Lamp with Shelf (4″D)
Rustic Lighting | Ceiling, Pendant & Western Lights
log lights
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hanglamp LedWood natuurlijke boomstam lamp, http://www.brobbelinterieur-shop.nl/a-27984028/lampen/hanglamp-ledwood/
Driftwood lamp
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/285430659/4-birch-log-lamp-with-pearlized-silicone
Rustic Table Lamps on Rustic Aspen Pine Log Pub Tables   Log Gun Cabinets   Log Lamps
Luxurious and very unusual wooden lamp made of hawthorn wood.     Why is it Halloween lamp? It is because no other lamp can have better reputation than the lamp whose wood is used to kill vampires...There was a belief in ancient times, and this belief it is still present in nowadays in some parts of Balkan peninsula (Transylvania), that the only secure way to kill a vampire is by rupturing its' heart with the stake made from hawthorn wood... sounds spooky...
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