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Curry - All Curry recipes

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Yummy and splendid curries from all over the world

Paneer balls fried and added to yummy gravy of tomato onion with rich cashew and almond paste which makes this dish a lovely combination.

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The soft cheese / paneer in tomato gravy is a delicacy and much sought after dish by young and old alike.

Cauliflower florets shallow fried and saute in the sauce of capsicums and soy makes this a delicious snack and wonderful, side dish for rotis and naans.

It is made from a variety of vegetables combined with the goodness of coconut. It is a great side dish which goes along with almost any kind of food.

It is a combination of vegetables and paneer in a thick tomato gravy and is an excellent side dish for all kinds of breads.

Cauliflower in combination with peas makes a wonderful curry. This serves as a good accompaniment for all varieties of roti and rice.

A very healthy and tasty dish. Tofu and palak – both are healthy ingredients put together and prepared to give a nice taste.

A wonderful dish made from green peas and cottage cheese. This wonderful dish goes along well with chappatis and rotis.

A lovely side dish made with vegetables and coconut milk. Exotic dish that tastes nice with any main dish. Coconut milk is very good for health and stomach.

Passsata Sause is an Italian dish used for all pastas, Lasagnes and Pizzas.