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two lit candles are sitting in an old fashioned metal lantern with frosted glass panels
Jackson Lantern Wall Sconce
Jackson Sconce Style Wall Mount Copper Lantern
a clear glass light hanging from a ceiling fixture next to a potted green plant
Creative Co-Op Glass & Mango Wood Ceiling Pendant Light Creative Co-Op Glass & Mango Wood Ceiling Pendant Light : Everything Else
a light hanging from the side of a metal roof with rusted paint on it
Rustic mini-orb iron light shades
a branch with flowers and lights on it
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a group of glass vases hanging from a twig chandelier with branches
Design chandelier.
Why does pendant lights have to be boring? ⬅️ If it can fulfill a role of object for admiration, same time providing illumination for Your dining table!
This Has To Be The Coolest Lamp I've Seen!
a golden chandelier hanging from a ceiling in a room with shadows on the wall
Celia Rufey answers your lighting questions
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