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a young person wearing a hat and tie on a tennis court with a camera attached to it
jeongyeon wallpaper/poster
a girl wearing sunglasses and a black jacket
𓂃 ©☆ jᧉongyᧉon Wɑllpɑpᧉr ׅ ׅ ׅ ‹𝟹
não reposte e nem diga q é seu. #jeongyeon #twice #jeongyeontwice #once #twiceonce #kpop #wallpaper #jeongyeonwallpaper #twicemember
Mini Albums, Once Twice Fandom, Photocard, Scan
With YOU-th “Sticker”
Cover Design, Design, Kpop Posters, Junji Ito, Momo, Merchandise
cr: @CHAESBI4N on twitter
a strawberry is sitting next to a photo frame
Jeongyeon Wallpaper
collage of people with words and pictures on them
two people standing in front of an aquarium
a woman sitting on top of a stage holding a microphone in her hand and wearing glasses
a woman with long hair sitting in front of a black background and the words will you be there?
With YOU-th “Film Photocard” - Jeongyeon
a woman laying on top of a white bed next to a black and white photo
Anime, Feel Loved, Photo Cards, Cut Photo, Lomo Card, Deco Room
With YOU-th “3-Cut Photo"
Twice Group, Twice Korean
[SCAN] TWICE With YOU-th 13TH MINI ALBUM Pre-Order Only Blast Ver. "Photocard" Front & Back
an advertisement for the first mini album, win you've got it with two pictures of women in white dresses