Dominik Andreas

Dominik Andreas

Dominik Andreas
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Social Housing Tower Of 75 Units In Europa Square / Roldán + Berengué

Built by Roldán + Berengué in Barcelona, Spain with date Images by Jordi Surroca. The tower is a project of social housing promoted by INCASOL and it is located in a new central zone known as.

Elder & Cannon Architects - Glasgow City Mission

Elder & Cannon Architects, Glasgow City Mission, interesting tall windows at ground floor and nice staggered windows. Attractive top floor openings too!

Lecture and Performance Hall by Meteor Architects, ARKON | Jan Kabac — Bialystok, Poland- Horizontal cuts correspond to the internal layout of the rooms and determine an accent at the corner of the building. The most suitable material that naturally could be formed in such a way is copper. Other elevations in relation to the neighboring buildings have been finished with gray concrete bricks.

Lecture and Performance Hall by Meteor Architects, ARKON