Percy Jakson❤ The fault in our stars❤ Hunger games❤ Mortal Instrument❤ Divergence❤ Harry Poter❤ The Maze Runner❤ Hobitt❤

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When Fandoms Collide … Hermione Granger ~ Harry Potter Katniss Everdeen ~ The Hunger Games Tris Prior ~ Divergent Teresa Agnes ~ The Maze Runner Clary Fray ~ The Mortal Instruments Annabeth Chase ~ Percy Jackson Rose Hathaway ~ Vampire Academy

I like harry potter, divergent, hunger games, percy jackson, and the fault in our stars doctor who sherlock Mortal instruments and pretty much everything on that list

just admit, this is what you all want, to put these hotties in one movie.

except that tobias eaton isnt divergent. ^ nah but he's stunningly hot soooo

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(Multi-Fandom) + (symbols) + (Percy Jackson, HP, THG, TMI, Divergent)<<<< Wings are Supernatural or Maximum Ride

Vtipy o Hunger games - Holčičí války - Wattpad

Tris Prior, Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, Percy Jackson by lorena

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