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Dominika Konečná

Dominika Konečná
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On the NS Blog: 10 Mantras to Say Every Day for Better Health #nutrition #nutritionstripped #yoga #meditation #Mantra Photo by @laviebohemeyoga

Not many activities have both mental and physical benefits, as well as can be practiced by any body type, age, and ability. Just like humans, the practice of yoga is unique. There are over 14 different types of yoga ranging from advanced practices to.

Human Freedom Animal Rights One Struggle One Fight

Like all forms of prejudice, speciesism is UGLY and HURTFUL. Despite what society teaches you, harming others for your own pleasure is always wrong. Unlearn what you've been taught. Live the Golden Rule. Be vegan.

spot the difference

Same slaughterhouse, whichever way. There is NO such thing as humane meat.