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Bold Robin Hood and His Outlaw Band (Illustrated) Baree Son of Kazan (Action Classics) (9781520396200): James Oliver Curwood, Frank B. Hoffman: Books

The U. P. Trail (Illustrated Edition) (Western Cowboy Classics Book 92) by [Grey, Zane]

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (Illustrated Edition) (Action Classics Book 25) by [Pyle, Howard]

Life of Tom Horn (Illustrated Edition): A Vindication (Western Cowboy Classics Book 85) by [Horn, Tom]

White Fang (Illustrated Edition) by [London, Jack]

The Call of the Wild (Illustrated Edition) (Action Classics Book 22) by [London, Jack]

Empire Builders (Illustrated Edition) (Railroading Classics Book 1) by [Lynde, Francis]

Baree (Illustrated Edition): Son of Kazan (Action Classics Book 26) by [Curwood, James Oliver]

Bold Robin Hood and His Outlaw Band (Illustrated) (Classic Fiction for Young Adults Book 26) by [Rhead, Louis]