Shows what happens inside the earth that causes the plates to move and produce things like volcanos.

This video showing what happens inside the Earth to produce plate tectonics would be helpful in describing the different layers of Earth.

TSUNAMI best video I've seen as an educational tool for science class

Tsunami: why and where they originate and propagate. A trip through the Earth's history from its formation to the present tectonic motions causing earthquakes and tsunamis.

the water cycle

One of our favorite water cycle illustrations, especially for younger students. The image of the sun's rays reaching down to draw up water is a great way to represent evaporation. It highlights the driving force of the sun.

Water Cycle Animation

Investigate that water condenses (goes from vapor to liquid) and evaporates (goes from liquid to vapor). I will use this video to show a detailed example of condensing and evaporating.

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