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print and cut blending cards in various sizes to help students learn how to use them
How to Print the Blending Cards in a Variety of Formats
The Blending Cards come whole-page, but you can printing them in many different page configurations to meet the needs in your classroom. Here are some ideas on how to print the blending cards in a variety of formats. #earlyreading
an open lunch box filled with words and pictures
BRAIN BREAKS! Store your Brain Breaks inside of a pencil box. It doesn't take up much space, and students will be so excited when they see you pull out the Brain Break Box!
three pencils with writing on them sitting next to each other, one is pink and the other is yellow
6 Things You Must Do Now to Get Ready for Next Year!
What a great classroom management hack: eraser up means you haven't called them up. Point up means you have. So easy and inexpensive!
a small dog laying on top of a wooden floor next to a sign that says meme to prede
26 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Teachers Going Back To School
three bags filled with different colored dices and the words student gifts written on them
No Stress Meet the Teacher? Yes, It Can Be Done!
Starburst student gift tags and more ideas for open house
a candy bar is sitting on top of a card that says, so excited to have a share like you in my class
First Day FREEBIES and Our Lastest Giveaway Winner!
Teacher Bits and Bobs: First Day FREEBIES and Our Lastest Giveaway Winner!
a sign that says owllet we have the best year ever with an owl on it
Heavenly Days
Each tag is 2.75 inches square. Laser printed on 65 lb weight white card-stock. This versatile tag can be used on any welcome back treat for your new students.
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20 Inverted Long Bob | Bob-Hairstyle.Com
20 Inverted Long Bob | Bob Hairstyles 2015 - Short Hairstyles for Women
several posters with words that say they are important to the teacher's life and how they
FREE Growth Mindset Posters for the Classroom or Bulletin Board
FREE Growth Mindset Posters (Classroom Décor & Bulletin Board Ideas for your elementary classroom) #islaheartsteaching
four different types of writing paper with the words on them
Growth Mindset Posters--Black Ink Only!
Black-ink growth mindset posters for classroom decor!
the classroom rules poster is displayed on an iphone
Classroom Rules (I survived Week 1!)
Have the classroom rules visible so students never have the excuse that they forgot the rules.
a jar of jam with a tag attached to it
Clever back to school gift for kids! I've been bubbling to meet you!