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an empty library filled with lots of books and chairs next to each other on hard wood flooring
Gallery of Library in Dublin / Carr Cotter & Naessens - 11
Library in Dublin / Carr Cotter & Naessens
the interior of an empty building with large windows
Barkow Leibinger
Barkow Leibinger - #Barkow #Leibinger #pavilion
the building has wooden slats on it's sides and is lit up at night
Gallery of SEAM Center / Urbansociety - 1
Image 1 of 28 from gallery of SEAM Center / Urbansociety. Photograph by Namsun Lee
an image of a concrete wall textured in greys and whitesk tones for design purposes
Beaumont Tiles > concrete fuse rectified. 97821 wear rating 4, slip R11.
an empty hallway lined with columns and sun shining through the windows in black and white
This is a great example of how taking the color out of a photo is actually a way to put interest in. If this was a color photo it might not be very intriguing but this way you notice the light, shadow, and geometry in the subject to a fascinating degree
long shadows cast on the floor in an empty room
Centre de formation - Nathalie Callenaere -
50 photographies en noir et blanc
shadows on the wall and floor of a building with an open area for people to see
*photography, architecture, shadows, black and white* - p8 by ~vinxibit
the interior of a building with concrete walls and stairs
Gia Lai House / Vo Trong Nghia Architects
Gia Lai House / Vo Trong Nghia Architects
the sun shines through an arch in a building
Digital Camera Photographer of the Year: recent entries, 8 July 2009
Black & White. Shadow Lines by Abdulla Zaid, United Arab Emirates. #togally #photography
black and white photo of the shadow of a wooden structure
extrapolating light to add dynamic geometric texture
black and white photograph of the inside of a building with long shadows on the wall
artchipel: Philipp Klinger - Shadows. Only b/w processing in Silver Efex, Contrast @75% and structure @100% (2010)
a white square with black lines on it
Often Minimal
often minimal
a black and white photo with lines on it
Wackychick Archives
d3lt4: “ "Minimal #38" Art print ”
a close up of a wooden structure with metal studs on it's side
Mountain Wood — California — Walker Warner Architects
Walker-Warner Architects - MOUNTAIN WOOD