Gabrielle Philips

Gabrielle Philips

i´m really funny girl and i like music and good kind of people
Gabrielle Philips
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This is the most perfect quote. I don't need a hero, I don't need to be saved. All I want is in adventure buddy, and I have that with you.

MUSIC!❤ DOES take me out of this majestic world. This may be but I will ALWAYS return to my home.

My music takes me places that my feed can never go. Age has taken most of my favorites, but I still have my piano and I can still play. For 65 years, my music has sustained me and filled me with joy. Music and creating music has a magic all its own.

A language that everyone can speak/understand..that's the beauty of it! <3

Happiness and Music Rebecca Bains Absolute truth. If you can understand the power of music, then you can understand anything. good thing i am fluent in music