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an empty hallway with white walls and wooden floors
a room with some stairs and a table
an empty living room with wood floors and white walls
✔ 61 trending kitchen ideas you will really want it now 21 – #floors #ideas #k…
an empty hallway with stairs and railings leading up to the second floor in a modern home
Glazen vide
a living room filled with furniture and a wooden table in front of a stair case
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an empty room with wooden flooring and glass doors leading to the dining room area
a dining room table with chairs and pictures on the wall above it, along with candles
Sala de jantar moderna • hygge decor
a kitchen with wooden flooring and cabinets filled with glassware on top of shelves
Luxury Designer Kitchens in Sydney | Dan Kitchens
an empty room with wooden floors and stairs
a living room with white walls and shelves filled with vases, plants and pictures
Scandinavian living room
an empty room with wooden floors and glass doors leading to the upper floor, which is lit by candles
Glass pivot door system
Elegant glass pivot door system made from anodised aluminium. Portapivot offers made-to-measure hardware systems for pivot doors, sliding doors and fixed glass partitioning systems. Worldwide shipping as a professional self-assembly kit. The necessary glass sheet needs to be sourced locally.