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An easy to make, simple nest box for sparrows, that’s made from a pair of old boots and a couple of pallet planks.

Sparrow Nest Box From Old Boots And Pallets ~ Build this sparrow nest box out of old boots and pallet wood. An easy to make, simple nest box that’s made from free materials. With Step-by-Step Instructions.

Photographer: Reijo Juurinen

Reijo Juurinen has been a professional nature photographer for over 25 years in Finland. He is known for very nice Lapland -views. Duncraft Jack in the Box Squirrel Feeder

Jack in the Box Squirrel Feeder: Spark your squirrel’s interest -- with fresh peanuts in a separate feeder -- to lure them away from your bird feeder and make your seed last longer!

squirrel+house+plans | How to Build a Tree House for Squirrels

If you’re like Skwirlboi, you like nothing more than banging a few pieces of wood together to build a tree home for wayward squirrels. There are tons of plans for these “nesting boxes” online.

Simple Squirrel Feeder  I've built these me with the kids & they love building them & watching the squirrels

Most people enjoy the antics of squirrels in their backyard. This DIY Squirrel Feeder provides an unusually clear view of the squirrels that frequent it!