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bird feeders | Stephanie Tokar

bird feeders | Stephanie Tokar

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reFRESH (Fulguro, a clay jug that combines two pouring systems: the side with the small holes can be used as a watering can for flowers, the side with the pointed spout to fill up the white-enamelled clay goblets.

Evergreen Imprinted Clay Pieces.... What a neat idea.  I would love to have some serving pieces like these!  I wonder if my local pottery lady could make some of these?  Ohhh Heidi... what do you think?

Inspiration for nature themed Salt Dough Ornaments! Take a twig of evergreen from outside and make an impression into the salt dough, make a hole for a ribbon, and then bake!- I love this look, trying to think of other things I could create with this