Reborn Hair Painting

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side view of a blonde reborn with painted hair Art, Dolls, Blonde Hair, Doll Hair, Blonde, Hair Painting, Baby Doll Hair, How To Draw Hair, Michelle
Blonde reborn painted hair side
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Top view of painted blonde hair on a reborn doll with curls and swirls
Reborn blonde painted hair top view
Top of Candy Lee's painted blonde hair painted by Michelle James of Palmvew Reborns. I'm using Christine Woolley's blonde colors (Ultimate Fusion paints).
two wigs sitting on top of each other with the words hair painting tutor above them
How to - Basic Hair Painting Tutorial for Reborn Baby Dolls
a baby with blue eyes wearing a scarf
Tavie sculpted by Melody Hess
a baby sitting at a table with a knife and fork in it's mouth
a close up of a baby's head on a pink fur covered bed sheet
reborn painted hair - top
a young boy getting his hair cut with a blue handled comb and an artist's palette in the background
How to Paint Reborn Hair with Genesis Heat Set Paints, tutorial.
there is a baby that is laying down on the bed with other babies in the background
a person holding a pencil in front of a ball with the words why do we have to nap? and what comes next?
Reborn Hair painting tutorial | Why do we map and what comes next?
Reborn Hair painting tutorial | Why do we map and what comes next? - YouTube
side view of reborn baby Gemma with painted red hair Girl Hairstyles, Red Hair
Reborn painted hair - Gemma right side
a baby with a white bow laying on top of a fur covered floor next to it's head
magnetic hair bow
side view of painted reborn hair on baby doll Gemma
Reborn painted hair - Gemma right side
The right side of reborn Gemma's painted hair. Painted by Michelle James of Palmview Reborns. I used Christine Woolley's brown colors from Ultimate Fusion paints.