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four different pictures of wood carvings on the side of a wooden table with words written in it
Hair Comb Dat Rosa Mel Apibus by pagan-art on DeviantArt
Wood Crafts, Crafts, Country, Vintage, Bacon, Ideas, Farmhouse, Wood Butter Mold, Kitchen Items
3x Vintage French Butter Molds – Classics.Life
a hand holding a red flower on top of a wooden table
WoodBerryArt - Etsy Australia
a wooden vase with a tassel hanging from it's side on a table
a wooden comb sitting on top of a table next to a vase
a person holding a wooden comb in their hand
an old wooden box with four carved flowers
EK★ Wagashi 和菓子 Antique Cylindrical Kashigata Lotus Flower Hand Carved Wooden Cake Mold
three wooden plates sitting on top of a table next to forks and spoons,