principles of art: Balance

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Diane Irun
Radial design then cut into 4ths and glue to white paper. Cool! (Don Masse lesson)

we'll keep on biggering and biggering...

That's one of my favorite lines from the Lorax and I loved getting all into it with my kids at home when reading the book to them. It also suits this first week back to school project pretty well too:) School started this week here at Zamo and we are getting back in the creative mindset. For the past 4 years I have done a collaborative art mini lesson with the upper grade students to give them a low stress opportunity to create and to go over my art room rules and expectations. I LOVE doing…

ok its not books and art, instead its a math art project :) art goes with everything!

Art & Math: A Fun Educational Project Inspired By Klee

We love all arts and crafts. But this activitiy is unique in the sense that you'll be doing art, but also learning math as well.

Beautiful!! Easy Contact Paper Mandalas - this looks like a great project to make and send to our sponsored children

Easy Contact Paper Mandalas - Picklebums

These fun and easy contact paper mandalas are quick to make and perfect for kids of all ages.

Principles... -Balance - Emphasis/Proportion - Movement/Rhythm - Pattern/Repetition - Contrast/Variety - Unity/Harmony

Principles of Design

Principles of Design are descriptions of how artists organize the elements of art. List of the principles sometimes varies, but the main points are covered here. Balance shows equalizing visual for…

Living Art: Visual Elements - Mandalas. Gosh do I pin this in art or maths! So simple.

Elementos Visuais - Cores

Essa é a última postagem que farei sobre elementos visuais esse ano. Fiz algumas outras atividades, mas prefiro me concentrar em novos assuntos. Pelo que pude perceber houve um progresso signigicativo nos trabalhos da maioria dos alunos. Ao contrário do que pode parecer, trabalhar com os fundamentos da comunicação visual, não é uma perda de tempo. Ao menos é essa a sensação que tenho após observar a evolução plástica/gráfica que meus alunos tiveram ao longo do primeiro bimestre. Acho que…

Emily Payne - Pinwheel 3 , 2011 Sculpture 35 x 35 in Wire, book covers, paper, glue #paper_art

Emily Payne - Seager Gray Gallery

Seager Gray Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery in Mill Valley, CA near San Francisco exhibiting painting, sculpture, works on paper and artists' books

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Halloween

Mrs. T's First Grade Class

Click HERE to Print Monster Clues. I gave each student a list of guidelines they had to use to create a monster, when they were finished I mixed up the papers and they had to find the monster that matched the clues. It was a fun way to end a busy week! We also learned about symmetry. The students used the Amaziograph App to create symmetrical monsters.

several powerpoints

Elements And Principles of Art

An overview of the Elements and Principles of Art (for 8th grade and up)

"Everyone knows what rhythm is when it comes to music, but where does rhythm occur in visual art? This lesson shows how to create a low relief sculpture with rhythmic design in mind. Layer by layer, piece by piece, this three-dimensional collage is assembled with repetitious shapes and elements, illustrating the principles of rhythm, balance and movement."

Rhythm in Layers - Lesson Plan

Everyone knows what rhythm is when it comes to music, but where does rhythm occur in visual art? This lesson shows how to create a low relief sculpture with ...

how to draw a celtic knot

How to Draw a Celtic Knot Pattern

by Michelle Houghton Celtic Knots are an elaborate maze of twists and turns. The definition of Celtic Knots describes them as a knot without beginning or end. Celtic Knots are one of the few art forms left behind by the Celts and they are used readily in decorative art today. Ever wonder how to make …