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Always room for improvement :) #motivation #fitness

Persistence and consistency is key. Fitness, Fitness Motivation, Fitness Quotes, Fitness Inspiration, and Fitness Models!

Where The Trail Ends More like where the adrenaline begins

Exposure is a gallery-style section of the print magazine devoted to showcasing exceptionally engaging photography and its creators. Here are the Exposure images of

You are special to me because we are better together.

I'm in love with Summer. I love her smile. I love her hair. I love her knees. I love how she licks her lips before she talks. I love her heart-shaped birthmark on her neck. I love it when she sleeps.

So true...

Previous pinner wrote----Always be thankful for what you already have—which is so very much! “Those who live in thanksgiving daily. are among the world’s happiest people. The power of gratitude is immense.” –Joseph B.

Let the journey begin...

Sri Lanka - Releasing baby sea turtles one of the coolest things I have ever done :)

West coast road trip

Coastal Highway, Monterey, California If you haven't gotten to travel on this road, put it on your bucket list.

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"Her heart was a secret garden, and the walls were very high." William Goldman, The Princess Bride

"Her heart was a secret garden, and the walls were very high." William Goldman, The Princess Bride. Love this because it's from The Princess Bride but it also eludes to The Secret Garden.

11 Reasons Dehydration Is Making You Sick And Fat

Got Water? Why dehydration is making you fat and sick. As a good rule of thumb you should try to drink oz of water for each pound of body weight. EX weight water needed/day

Amen! "You are Loved by God" "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, King Jesus Christ, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life"................John 3:16-21

Great Christmas Gift- order by Dec Love painting- black and white - inspirational quote- you are loved- custom colors available

So honey now Take me into your loving arms Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars - Ed Sheeran | Olivia made this with

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud. In love with this song. I need to make posters out of these lyrics.