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Capture my grief - On the road to healing

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Day 16 - Releasing of the due date balloons. Hard day, mixed emotions all around.


Day 5 - Healing ink; these matching tattoos in Elder Futhark rune alphabet spell love, other meanings for the runes are water(the healing power of renewal), home, joy/comfort, ideal marriage/partnership.


Day 6 - Of course, I know it was technically more involved for my wife, she dealt with the physical as well as the emotional. Thankfully I didn't hear this from many, but nothing is worse than someone trying to "help" while actually invalidating your pain. Miscarriage is hard for dad hopefuls too.


Day 10 - Sometimes asking for peace is the hardest part. The universe gives, but it doesn't always give as much as we think it should. I can not think of two more beautiful symbols even is they have taken on such a somber meaning.


Day 17 - On the due date of our first loss, preparing balloons for release, I can't remember everything I wrote, but I think that's the point.

This may not be the best board, but my anxiety, grief and depression have been getting the best of me.

Day 15 - Due to the timing vs that of the original project, this is not a wave of light but rather a solitary flicker. Still, a candle lit for my missing ones.

Day 14 - This was supposed to be community, but I never really felt I had that. Sam was and is my community. I chose instead to share a photo that expressed one of the strongest feelings I experienced during the event of the last year. This is despair. Screaming on the inside. Broken, introverted pain, loneliness without cause. The losses suffered so hard to fathom yet so obvious at the same time. This was my first time dealing with the grief of loss, true loss,

Day 13 - I don't know that I have believed in signs for a long time. I do believe the universe is a big place and we are just tiny amoebas in the universe's perspective. No more important than a speck of dust floating by our face might be to us. With time, hopefully my vision will become unclouded and I will be able to see clearly again, until then I will need to deal with a tainted reality.

Day 12 - One of the things that pulled me out of the misery, brewing. The smell of grains, hops, even yeast. The welcome distraction. One of the few good things that came of the tragedy.