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See that's what is different between us, I don't hurt the people. But you do, you just wanted the attention and you didn't deserve shit!

I wouldnt hurt you the way you hurt me Briana. Even if you deserved it. Cause when I said " I love you!" I truly meant it. And the sad part is, even though you hurt me, I still love you.

Yep. Absolutely.. although your words were very sweet once in a great while, except when you were calling me nasty, vile names.... Your actions completely destroyed what i felt for you. You said MY actions didn't match my words???? Ha-ha... Think you need to look in the mirror......No, you know what?? Your words sucked too. You're a monster. Through and through...

Yeah actions speak louder than words. If someone continually hurts you it's time to let them go - life's too short for that shit!