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The accuracy hurts...

Perfect Example: Black Damask by Motionless in White. I tricked my dad into listening to it, I told him to "listen to this cool Piano song" and he was all like "sounds beautiful" then BAM! I laughed so hard at his reaction.

Mario Duplantier

Mario is not only a kick ass drummer, he's an amazing painter too.

46 and 2 - tool #band

"See my shadow changing Stretching up and over me, soften this old armor Hoping I can clear the way by stepping through my shadow Coming out the other side step into the shadow Forty six and two just ahead of me" Forty six & 2

PANTERA (:€'s always a shame when someone has never heard of a great band!

LOL I'm not even a Pantera fan but I know a fair bit about them. This fucking cracks me up! Jay and Silent Bob for the win 😂