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a man holding up a colorful glass plate
Reflections - Delphi Artist Gallery
Reflections - Delphi Stained Glass by Ken Shrimplin. This piece contains 102 individually cut pieces of glass thermally fused in a kiln. Shrimplin used various types and textures of dichroic glass.
a living room with stained glass windows and plants on the coffee table in front of it
stained glass from a flea market
stained glass from a flea market | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a stained glass window with different colored circles and balls on it's side,
Stained Glass
Stained Glass by zelma
a circular stained glass window hanging on the side of a house
Bicycle Wheel Stained Glass Artwork – Great Gifts for Cyclists
Amazing stained glass art feature from up-cycled bike wheel, chainrings and sprockets