Candy Corn handprint- Abigail loves doing handprint art. The candy corn turned out so cute.

I don't think that we give kids enough credit.  Look at this; a small cut-out from a magazine and those creative juices just a flow.  What a wonderful project for any age child to do.  Older students can start with a small clipping and younger ones can have a larger clipping; either way let them EXPLORE!

Start with a magazine or newspaper clipping and let the child expand the picture! My middle school art teacher use to do this with me :)

Native American Handprint

I'm so excited to bring this adorable handprint Native American to you all today. I saw a similar craft posted on a local Pottery Painting store and couldn't pass up doing this

Hand and Heart~ a super easy 3D art project

Hand and Heart~ a super easy 3D art project (Tonya's Treats for Teachers)

Mouse Hanging Decoration Recycled CD Craft For Kids

Recycled craft for kids; a great use for any old scratched or damaged CD's and DVD's.

Zpívající učitelka :-)

Zpívající učitelka :-)

Pokusy - Pokusy pro děti

Pokusy - Pokusy pro děti