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a cartoon character holding a heart with the words love me
a man is leaning over to grab something out of the snow with his head and hands
30 Weird Out Of Context Pics That'll Make You Cringe Uncontrollably
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Tw: Sh, Ed, Si
a drawing of a person with hearts coming out of his head and the caption who's my favorite person?
a person with a speech bubble saying how tf are u so pretty
a drawing of a person with the words guess who is feeling bad me
a dog with a pillow on it's back and the caption says, hey i lost my bed can i sleep in your?
Hey lost my bed Coni sleen in vourse - iFunny
Hey , wanna come over tomorrow ? Okay ! I get off my period on Tuesday though And ? Lowkey kinda lame you thought that's all I was trying to do Imfao You're right , I'm sorry ! It's okay , just give me some time to cool off okay ? I'll talk to you on Tuesday THEY US IN THE FIRST HALE NOT LIE Delivered Okay - iFunny :)