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Pickled Carrots and Daikons. Great is sandwiches and salads or a side for other vietnamese dishes. From the Ravenous Couple
A line bob is a fabulous hairstyle for medium hair
Love this setup.                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Bohemian style
BANG!   Moroccan Madness up in here today!    Our stunning Duchess velvet vintage hand embroidered Suzani on the bed.   Our beautiful vintage silk Belgian runner on the floor.  Vintage kilim pillows for daysssss & all the  you can handle!   Can you spot my huge vintage leather camel?
I spent the entire first part of my life surrounded by men. 3 brothers, 7 million male cousins, my Dad, my Step-Father, I even had close male friends at school, I guess growing up around so much testosterone meant I could connect easily with the men of our species?  I longed for a sister though. My entire life. I always wondered what it would have been like, to have another female energy so close to me. I yearned for softness, fragility, vulnerability....amidst all the testosterone, I was…
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