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a woman holding her hand with the words prayer for husband
Five Feet Away, Uncovering the Life and Teachings of Jesus
a large mirror sitting on top of a wall next to a shelf filled with books
Hiding your guns in plain sight
Mirror gun vault
a poster with the words all about dad written in orange, green and blue on it
All about Dad Questionnaire Free Printable
Get to know Dad this Father’s Day with this FREE printable All about Dad Questionnaire!
a father's day gift idea for any budget
85 Thoughtful Father's Day Gift Ideas, for any budget
85 Thoughtful Father's Day Gift Ideas, for any budget |
an orange and blue baby shower game with the words, my dad is in love
Printable Father's Day Interview Poster
Cute Father's Day printable for kids to fill out.
a collage of fathers day pictures with free gift ideas for dad's day
15 DIY Father's Day Gifts (mostly free ideas)
15 {Mostly} Free Gift Ideas for Dad
two pictures of chocolate cake with strawberries on top
Chocolate Lava Cakes
5 INGREDIENTS, less than 10 MINUTES to make! (plus baking time) Soft warm chocolate cake outside giving way to a creamy, smooth stream of liquid chocolate inside. Velvety decadence in every bite! Carlsbad Cravings
a hammer and chain hanging on a wall with the words use a magnet to find nails and studs in your wall
[ALBUM] I figured I'd get a head start on the inevitable and just make everything into a bear meme.
Some life hacks - Imgur
a person cutting something with scissors on a wooden table
The Versatile Dremel
Excellent Video on How to Use a Dremel
slices of pound cake sitting on top of a cutting board
Perfect Pound Cake .. click to see
there is a drawing of a man standing on top of a book shelf in the room
Glee: For the Shorties
Garage shelving: lower shelves actually glide out so you can reach top shelf items. Then slide back to the wall.
a mason jar filled with ice cubes on top of a table
Perfect Sweet Tea
:) Perfect Sweet Tea-there is a secret ingredient! I forgot my mom used to do this. Now I know why my tea never tastes like hers!!