wow - look at this handmade firecart!

I built this with a new 55 gallon oil drum, some angle iron, an old bed frame, and some wheels from an old lady push cart.

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Recycling oil barrels into a braai has been a South African tradition for many years, and there's no reason why you can use oil drums in new ways for an inexpensive and sustainable option for decor, furniture and accessories

Homestead Revival: Sizzling Summer Round Up: Grandpa Jake's!

We& almost at the end of our Sizzling Summer Round Up and today& give-away is one HOT item! And just in time for some summer camping o.

Cook your camp dinner over the fire with adjustable levels.

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Campfire Grill Stand - Homemade campfire grill stand featuring an adjustable grate level.

Argentine Grill!

Argentine Grills are designed to allow close temperature control during grilling. Argentine Grills also channel fat away from the fire to a drip pan preventing flareups which damage the flavor of meat. Argentine Grills are used with charcoal or wood.