Martin Sabon Sněhota

Martin Sabon Sněhota

Martin Sabon Sněhota
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Another part of amazing photos from all over the world. Amazing photos from all over the world. Previous parts: Awesome Photos pics) Awesome Photos. Part 2 pics) Awesome Photos.


Crazy Photographers Who Will Do Anything for the Perfect Shot. These crazy photographers don't mind – when it comes to taking the perfect shot, they will do


Daredevil photographer proves how far he will go for the perfect shot as his shoes and tripod are set alight by volcano lava flow. Kawika Singson was shooting in the volcanoes of Hawaii, which was so hot his tripod and shoes caught alight.

Výsledek obrázku pro sculpture installation

"Obstacle by Serge Alain Nitegeka, from his 2012 exhibition "Black Lines" (his painting Black Subjects V: "…and walk in my shoes" can be seen in the background)