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Spring Spool Craft Tutorial | The Shed blog by Pet Scribbles

Spring Spool Craft Tutorial

a spring spool craft tutorial, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, This trio was fun to make and matches perfectly with our living room decor

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It really doesn't get much easier than this. Get the kids involved and watch the glow on their faces when the birds start to roost. Child decoration time: A lot longer (ah, bliss). Durability: A full season or even two.

Big Art Ideas for Toddlers - painting without brushes (happy hooligans)

Painting Activities for Toddlers

Painting Activities for Toddlers: Big Art, painting with feathers, painting with blocks, sponges and credit cards, all kinds of creative toddler art ideas!

Eagle's nest

April Create a tree out of boxes, cut holes out for animals. Gather as many toy animals as you can and engage in dialog about where and how these animals live and why they need trees.

vogels in de winter, vogels met voederhuisje

vogels in de winter, vogels met voederhuisje