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Cucumber Dip
This cucumber dip is all about a creamy, rich, and fresh cucumber flavor that goes great with vegetables, crackers, chips, and more! Easily make it as thick or light as you want for the best cucumber cream cheese dip!
a pan filled with different types of food on top of a grill
Easy grilled queso | queso, video recording | Easy grilled queso I make easy queso dip on the grill. This video was produced by Network Media, LLC and Elaine Hayhurst | By My Life | Got our Colby Jack cheese and I'm going to put this brick right into the center. Got a can of original rotel. I've got one can of mild green chilies. There we go. Those look beautiful. Okay. One brick of Philadelphia cream cheese. I'm going to open this up. And I'm just going to break that into two pieces just like that. There we go. Okay, perfect and now I've got my last cheese here, my pepper jack, I'm just going to break that in half. Just Like that. Okay. Now I've got some ground beef. And some taco seasoning. Just going to put all this right in there. We want to season this up real nicely. Perfect. That looks good. Now I'm just going to bring in my spatula. Mix that all around. There we go. Woo. Look how good that looks. Yum. Yum. A little bit more of this seasoning in here. Let me just finish that off. There we go. Perfect. We're going to get that all mixed up. Mm. Oh yeah. Okay, we're going to layer this all in here. This is all going to melt together. Our beautiful colors. Here we go. Lid on this. That's going to go just like that. Meantime, we're coming over here with our cut tortillas. You know what? I don't need these tongs right now. It's going to be straight into that hot oil. Love homemade chips. Ooh, there we go. Yum. Look at these guys. They're popping up so nicely there. It makes a big difference when you do this. Even if you do this to your tortillas. This is not a lucky day with these tongs. There we go. There we go. I like to do a little bit of oil on my tortillas. Make them crispy. Even in a semi soft taco you know. Yeah. You think they need us another? It's been about 10 minutes. You're just going to start mixing this bad boy Look at that. Oh, baby. Lots of good stuff. Oh my god. This looks amazing. This looks amazing. Wow. Mhm. I can't believe how good this came out. Here. Grab a bite it right off of here. I don't know why you wouldn't. Except for the heat. Except for the heat. Hopefully it don't burn my mouth. Homemade. We got our homemade chips. We'll salt. You gotta try this. I will.
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