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a classroom setting with the words setting up your classroom in 10 easy steps on it
10 Steps to Setting Up Your Classroom For the New Year - Mathful Learners
there is no more treasure box for lucky ll's learners to use it
No More Treasure Box! Try Brag Tags for Behavior Management
Are you tired of spending money on your treasure box? Brag tags may be your answer! Brag tags have improved my classroom management by providing the students with opportunities to go above and beyond my classroom expectations. Brag tags provided reinforce positive behavior and choices. They are motivating and the kids work hard for them!
Laminate and velcro name tags to desk instead of taping them. Lasts all year and easy to switch out! Classroom Hacks, Teaching Organization, 2nd Grade Classroom, New Classroom, Creative Classroom, Classroom Setup, Classroom Fun
gnarly name plates.
Laminate and velcro name tags to desk instead of taping them. Lasts all year and easy to switch out!
stuffed animals and toys are on display in the children's section of a store
Attach a large metal drip pan to the back of a bookshelf to make a word-work center.
a pink and white chevroned birthday card with a cupcake on the front
The 2 Teaching Divas
Will have to change a little for 6th grade but I love this!!!
a funny birthday card for someone who is happy to be in the house with his cake
Happy Birthday to Your Students -- Printable Freebies to Make it Fun and EASY!
LOVE this happy birthday song! Totally teaching this to my kiddos! Too bad I already had two birthdays in the first week...we are changing our routine!
two tags with words on them sitting on a table
Sight Word Sticker Book
sight word sticker book....I'm doing this!!!!
interesting info from Bill Gates re: technology in teaching Educational Technology, Friends, Apps, Instructional Technology, Common Sense Media, Teaching Technology, Educational Apps, Instructional Coaching
Teachers, Classrooms Get a Boost from Bill Gates through Graphite
interesting info from Bill Gates re: technology in teaching
there's an app for that is on the iphone and it has many different apps
tenth avenue south: technology. Good way to let parents know what apps are being used in the classroom
the 10 ways to praise poster is shown in black and white, with images of different characters
Classroom Cheers
Interactive ways to praise students
a young boy is playing with paper bags on the table in front of him, which are numbered 1 - 3 - Lots of Awesome ideas and free printables for Pre-K and Kindergarten! This site is seriously amazing!
an orange and white polka dot name tag on top of some paper with a bow
Creative Ways to Line Up Your Class {Freebie}
Creative Ways to Line Up Your Class. How fun! (FREE)
a red plastic container with writing on it and a pencil in the box next to it
Is that a pencil case? I like the self-contained sand activity idea- easy to close and store.