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a pineapple decorated with ornaments and lights on a pink background, surrounded by confetti
26 Creative Alternatives to a Traditional Christmas Tree
a woman in a pink dress is looking at herself in the mirror with a green mask on
My glittervajayjayy blog that i started back in 2012 was hacked last year. The hackers changed the email address so I was unable to get the account back. This is my new blog. all posts are and will continue to be the same aesthetic as Glittervajayjayy 🦋 Instagram: @carathebloom Depop: @carathebloom
a poster with different types of scissors and other things to do in the same place
DIY Felt Letter Pennant - Crate&Kids Blog
a painting of a dog sitting on top of a blanket next to a baby crib
a black and white drawing of a martini glass
a painting of cats and dogs standing in front of a food stand with plates on it
Vanessa Cooper
Vanessa Cooper | Brian Sinfield Art Gallery
a painting of a dachshund dog pushing a baby carriage
a painting of various types of alcohol on a blue background with lemons and other items